About Internships

There are more than 120 interns every school year!

To be considered for the internship program please fill out the Join Us form. For more information, contact Interns.Noram@Sodexo.com.

Follow the Campus Intern Instagram to see what our interns are up to across the US @SoInternships.

To better customize the learning experience and prepare students for their future, we offer internships in several areas of our business that are designed to be both educational and practical:

Marketing Internships

  • Marketing Internship: Our Marketing Internship program offers our interns the opportunity to use their moxy to market, advertise and grow their dining programs in new and innovative ways. Interns work alongside our experienced team of marketing experts to learn how marketing campaigns impact our business and will be able to see the results of their hard work through goal setting and financial tracking. Creativity is key when devising new and exciting campus promotions and events, this internship is for you if you are someone that can always see the opportunity this internship is for you!

  • Sustainability Internship: Our Sustainability Internship program offers an environment where students can help to plan for the future of their campus through sustainability initiatives. Whether working with local farmers to source local ingredients or creating innovative ways to reduce sources of waste on campus, our interns can make a measurable impact on their campus environment and beyond.

  • Health and Wellness Internship: The Health and Wellness Intern position will help students, staff and faculty to navigate the many choices dining has to offer so they can build personalized delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals, snacks and desserts. By highlighting well-balanced menu choices and providing nutritional information and tips, interns will help guests make informed choices that fit all their dining needs. They will also help the operations team with the implementation of health and wellness events provided by campus dining and promote the mission of dining programming, such as our award-winning Mindful lifestyle program.

  • Graphic Design Internship: Our Graphic Design Internship works closely with our Universities graphics team. When you are an intern for Graphics you can build a great personal portfolio, plus you’ll have access to our graphic design resources and who knows, maybe your next idea will be the next big campaign success!

Dietetic Internships 

  • Dietetic Internship: Sodexo, North America's largest private employer of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, proudly offers a Dietetic Internship, where future nutrition professionals can continue their dietetics education in diverse and rewarding ways. The internship seeks to attract talented interns who wish to pursue a career with Sodexo after completing the internship. To get started, go to: Sodexo Dietetic Internships  

Sodexo Future Leaders Management Internships 

  • Management Internship: Our Management Internship program is a more formal program which gives students an inside look on how our businesses are run through a series hands on experiential learning opportunities. Throughout this internship you will be exposed to different functional areas such as Culinary, Finances, HR and Marketing which prepare you for a management role within the Sodexo organization. This program is only available at select universities, please contact us.