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Key Objectives & Dates

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9/20/23 – 10/31/23

  • Promote Dr Pepper and CHEEZ-IT Tuition Giveaway on Campus.
  • Ensure the Point of Sale material is placed in your locations.
  • Ensure placement of the promotion on your Dining Website.
  • Sample, share, and talk up the promotion all over campus and use the official Dr. Pepper promotions.

11/1/23 – 1/15/24

  • Ensure Dr Pepper is placed in Retail and Resident Dining Locations correctly.
  • Merchandised according to planogram.
  • Pricing is accurate.
  • All in-store signage and POS are accurate and up-to-date.

11/1/23 – 1/15/24

  • Track and Measure Your Results
  • Retrieve Dr Pepper sales from the POS system
  • Analyze to show the impact and share your best Images and examples

After 1/15/24, a panel from Sodexo and Dr. Pepper will review all of your submissions to determine who had the most overall impact on their account.

The winner will help plan, build, and execute the 2024 Dr Pepper and Sodexo Tuition Giveaway!
4/1/24 – 9/3//24*