Best Practices

Success starts with giving your best!

Below are some of the Best Practices we have from around the country, feel free to be inspired at your campus by any of the innovative ideas listed below. 

Community: We are Marist Dining Services

Marist Dining Services Campus Intern, Ani Stein, created a video to show gratitude to the dining services team. 

"It was important for us to highlight the hard work and diversity of the individuals in Marist Dining Services across campus. We wanted to express our gratitude for their dedication and care towards the students and show a side of them that might not be seen. It was such a pleasure to go behind the scenes and capture the rigorous routine they have daily." - Ani Stein

Marketing: The Marketing Internship Experience at Binghamton University Dining

Graduating Interns

Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS), Editorial Intern, Laura Guerrero-Almeida wrote an insightful blog about the marketing internship experience. Guerrero-Almeida interviewed all of the graduating marketing interns and highlighted their  areas of expertise, how their contributions have impacted their career, life goals and calling back some fun memories. 

"As an editorial intern at Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS), I interview staff, write feature and news stories and gather information for blog posts. It has been a rewarding experience in which I learned about the professional world and grew as a person. Unfortunately, multiple BUDS interns and I will soon graduate and forge our separate paths. Each one of us is taking invaluable lessons and great memories."
- Laura Guerrero-Almeida

BUDS Blog: The BUDS Marketing Internship Experience

Marketing: #InternEats

The #InternEats social media campaign brought together interns across the country for a collaborative snacking project. Each intern pair worked together virtually to create a 30-second Instagram Reel promoting monthly snacking and beverage limited time offers. Six videos have been shared on the Sodexo Campus Intern Instagram account and received over 5,600 views.
All #InternEats videos can be viewed on Instagram.

Community: Ouachita Baptist University


Our Marketing Intern, Reanna, at Ouachita Baptist University received Sodexo's Experiences Matter award in March 2021 for her work to stop hunger in the community. In her award nomination, Reanna’s manager described her dedication to delivering exceptional experiences for others: "As our marketing intern, Reanna puts in an extraordinary amount of effort each day and goes above and beyond for our students and community. She has created and organized a Stop Hunger campaign in partnership with Ouachita Baptist University and campus dining services called Feed Arkadelphia. Each week she gathers her volunteers to box up donated meals for families with food insecurity. Once the meals are boxed and divided up by family, she loads her car and delivers meals to the families that have requested the help of Feed Arkadelphia. Her efforts, leadership, and passion to prevent hunger has provided up to 85 meals per week for families. We are proud of her for stepping up and being an advocate for families and educating our community on the effects that hunger can cause within the body, including mental health and school/education. Thank you, Reanna, for inspiring our community and your commitment improving the life of those we serve."

Marketing: Binghamton University

Interns at Binghamton University opened their new HelloFresh meal kits, now available in partnership with Sodexo. Look inside the meal kit box and see what’s cooking!

Marketing: #FlaminHot Doritos


Sodexo partnered with Frito Lay to run a paid Instagram campaign featuring Doritos® Flamin’ Hot Nacho in the fall 2020 semester. With over 80 campuses participating, the campaign generated almost $3,000 in sales and 60,000 engagement actions on Instagram. Campus interns were able to create custom content in this brand partnership and gain experience with paid advertising.

Congratulations to the top ten campuses in the Doritos contest! You can view all intern #FlaminHot content on Instagram.

1. Marist College – Poughkeepsie, NY
2. Framingham State University – Framingham, MA
3. George Mason University – Fairfax, VA
4. Clark University – Worcester, MA
5. Ohio Northern University – Ada, OH
6. Saint Peter’s University – Jersey City, NJ
7. Murray State University – Murray, KY
8. Winthrop University – Rock Hill, SC
9. Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, NJ
10. Colorado Mesa University – Grand Junction, CO

Marketing: Marist College

The intern team at Marist College creatively sells thrifty cash with this creative music video!

Sustainability: Henderson State University


Intern Ben Lange-Smith completed a Waste Management project.

  • Tracked food waste in the dining hall Homestyle and Flame lines.
  • Researched methods to reduce waste.
  • Learned more about what happens to our waste.


Marketing: Claflin University



At a small university, an intern can really make a difference!

Intern Diamond Williams, who is well-known on campus, increased student survey participation by 84% when she came on board, through leveraging her campus connections to help spread the word, and by planning multiple live survey events.

Success by the Numbers 

  • Survey Prior to Diamond - 173 respondents 
  • Survey with Diamond’s Support - 319 respondents, an 84% increase 

Marketing: University of Central Missouri

UCM with CowActivities

Interns Kacey Kohlhof, Myah Duncan, and Ejuan “EJ” Henderson increased sign ups for social media and MyDtxt.

  • Daily tabling for a week.
  • Daily specials in retail for a week.  
  • Partnered with Union Bowling Center for Free Bowling with the CFA cow. 
  • Used the Spin Wheel and gave out prizes 
  • Partnered with Pepsi to sample Game Fuel and RockStar during Buy 2 for $3. 

Success by the Numbers

  • 166 new subscribers to myDtxt 
  • 55 new social media followers 

Dietetic: Samford University


Dietetic intern Emily Linde created an event celebrating National Nutrition Month.

  • Displayed some of our Mindful recipes within the caf and asked students their thoughts on nutrition and the mindful meals they selected.

Success by the Numbers 

  • 110 samples of Blueberry Peach Muesli Parfait
  • 65 samples of Green Salads with Pears
  • 40 surveys

Community: University of Findlay


Intern Blair Harmon worked on the Helping Hands food drive.

  • Held a food drive for CHOPIN Hall, a local charity that supplies individuals in need with food.

Success by the Numbers

  • In one day, 111,436 lbs. of food was collected and donated by Faculty/Staff, students, and community members.
  • Since 2006, UF has collected more than 600,000 lbs. of food for those in need.

From Campus Intern to Hired Employee

Name: Bianca Gilfour

Bianca GilfourI started working for Sodexo as a marketing intern at Nicholls State University in 2011. At the time, I was the only person on the marketing team, so I relied on Sodexo Net and the support of my District Marketing Manager to learn the ins and outs of the company and my role. After two years as an intern, I was offered the full time UMC position. After a few years as UMC, I began to take on additional responsibilities by supporting the marketing program at multiple universities. These duties included assisting with planning and graphics, opening new accounts, assisting with bidding and retention projects, training and developing other UMCs/marketing interns, and more. This eventually led to being promoted to Area Marketing Specialist. In my current role, I provide support to multiple accounts across South Louisiana as well as additional marketing support to my region. I am extremely appreciative of the resources Sodexo provides to support career growth and everyone I worked with over the years who helped me along the way!

Name: Hanna McMahon

I started working for Sodexo in 2020 as a Communications Intern here at Framingham State University. I will never forget the day FSU Dining wanted me to take over this position. I was sitting at my work desk when my mentor came over to me. She asked about my plans after college. I said I was going to apply to different places and stay open as to what kind of marketing I want to pursue. She explained to me that she was leaving FSU, I was so upset because I thought my internship was ending. She looked at me and said your internship is over, because I want you to take over my job position. I was in complete shock but so excited that she saw so much potential in me. Here I am almost two years later as FSU’s Field Marketing Coordinator.

This internship not only taught me the basic roles of Marketing but showed me how Sodexo runs as a whole. I got a better perspective on the food industry to social media, food menus, graphic designing and everything in between! All the different projects I worked on in the campus internship program prepared me to take on this position with flying colors! The transition was easier than expected because of everything I learned in this program. I learned so much from this internship and I wouldn’t be where I am today in this position without it! I appreciate all the opportunities this program has gave me!

Name: Marlee Hebda

Marlee HebdaDuring my time being a Sodexo Intern I have been able to work independently on professional teams, and lead during my internship which has given me great experience for post-graduation in all genres. I have learned so much from my time at Sodexo as an intern by working hard, being creative, and receiving the mentoring that is crucial as I move forward in my career. I am ecstatic to begin my career with Sodexo at the Colorado School of Mines and utilize my degree with my passion for marketing, creativity, business, and leadership.

Best Practices

Success starts with giving your best!

Below are some of the Best Practices we have from around the country, feel free to be inspired at your campus by any of the innovative ideas listed below.