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Internships involve challenging opportunities, real world projects and face to face interaction with our guests. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience and be part of an innovative team. Read some of the stories below to find out what your day could be like as a So Students Sodexo intern.

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Tina Reddington, National Manager of Wellness and Nutrition for Schools and Universities

Where is your hometown?

I live in Harpers Ferry, WV but I grew up in Annandale, VA.Tina Reddington

Where did you go to college? 

I attended the University of Maryland at College Park.

How do you become a Campus Intern? 

I was an intern with Virginia Tech and there was an opportunity to do my community rotation at George Mason University and it was close to home so I took the position. 

What was the best part of  your internship? 

At GMU I organized a full health fair with a walk to wellness theme where students followed the footstep path on the ground and stopped at stations with fresh fruit, healthy spices and goodies from our contracted vendors. It was a huge hit!

How did Sodexo recruit you? 

The District Manager at GMU convinced me to apply to a position at American University and I have worked in different segments throughout my career.

What is your role at Sodexo now? 

I am the National Manager of Wellness and Nutrition for Schools and Universities.

What is your favorite part of working for Sodexo? 

The ability to learn new skills and grow in your career in different work environments.

Do you have any advice for Interns? 

If someone asks you if you want to do a project that is out of your comfort zone, grab the chance! Diversify your skill set to make you more marketable and grow your knowledge of the business. 

Agnes Nkansah, Marketing Intern-Brandeis University

What is your area of study?

International/Global Health Administration 
Agnes Nakansah

What are some of your responsibilities as a Sodexo Marketing Intern? 

I engage with the student body through social media accounts and capturing moments with students and the Brandeis Dining team among other things. This internship has allowed me to understand the importance of effective communication whether it be through posts, emails, or one on one conversations. Week to week I am tasked to keep up with momentum of all this industry entails, in addition to appropriately adapting and communicating these changes to our student body.   

What have you learned during your internship and how can you apply it to school or in a career? 

Through this internship I’ve come to learn the difference in academic writing and everyday communicative tools, which are not taught in the classroom, how to effectively grab someone's attention and relay a message with very few words. Brandeis Dining serves thousands of students, and manages a number of workers daily and I have been in the midst of ever changing menus, new ideas, locations and colleagues. 

Since starting at Sodexo I have gained more confidence in myself professionally, while pursuing my bachelors degree in International and Global Studies and Health Administration.  I believe this internship has and continues to help me apply the academic work I am doing to the real world, in the field of Business and Health Administration.

Kristina Redmond, Dietetic Intern-Merrimack College

Kristina Redmond Dietetic Intern Merrimack
About Me-
I have been passionate about food for as long as I can remember, but during college I became more passionate about health and wellness. The start of college is the start of independence and making your own decisions. I became more conscious about what I was putting into my body and the health benefits of different foods. This sparked my current passion and career path in nutrition. I believe health is a major component of overall well being throughout the lifespan.
What do you enjoy the most about your internship?
What I enjoy most about working in dietetics is the opportunity to spread my knowledge of nutrition to help improve the lives of others. Dietitians play an important role in disease prevention and maintenance. Every day I feel like I am making a positive impact in people’s lives. From conducting diabetes education to running a infuse your own water hydration station, there are so many ways to educate people on nutrition. Dietetics is such a diverse field; you can never get bored!
What are some of your responsibilities?
As a dietetic intern, I am responsible for partaking in the role of a RD with the support of the entire food service staff. I have been responsible for seeing patients, charting, and communicating with the entire healthcare team. I have also been responsible for leading health and wellness events. This is a unique opportunity and have gotten my best foot forward by asking questions and getting involved. 
What is your favorite accomplishment?
Thus far, my favorite accomplishment has been confidently filling the role of a clinical dietitian during staff relieve. It was a part of clinical I was always apprehensive about however, I learned so much during my basic, intermediate, and advanced rotations. I could not believe how much I learned and improved in four months. These rotations built my knowledge and confidence so by the time staff relieve hit, I was more than ready to take on the role of a RD.
Would you recommend the internship to others?
I would recommend the Sodexo internship program to any aspiring RD’s. The program is unique because it gives you the capability to achieve all of the necessary competencies in a very individualized manner. There are multiple concentrations in which you can decide what area of dietetics to gain more experience. Although it is a regional program, there is constant support from the directors, preceptors, and peers to help you along the way!

Meghan Keenan, Sodexo Dietetic Intern

Meghan Keenan Dietetic Intern
About Me-
After graduating from UConn with a BS in Nutritional Sciences in 2018, completing my Masters in Nutrition and Health Promotion at Simmons
this spring. I am completing my clinical hours and concentration at Winchester Hospital, MA. My dietetic concentration is critical care MNT. I hope to work as a clinical dietitian after completing my internship.
Tell us about your passion for health & wellness. What do you enjoy most about working in dietetics?
My interest in nutrition and dietetics stemmed from my own personal experiences with a Dietitian. I decided to become a vegetarian at a very young age        and my parents took me to a Dietitian to learn more about my nutritional needs, sources of key nutrients, and vegetarian options. What I love most about working in dietetics is interacting with the patients and creating individualized nutrition recommendations to fit their diagnosis, nutritional needs, lifestyle, etc. Every patient has their own story/background, each with their own barriers to good nutrition. It always keeps me on my toes! 
What are your main responsibilities as a dietetic intern?
As a dietetic intern in a clinical setting, my responsibilities include screening patient’s nutritional risk and making appropriate nutrition recommendations to improve their quality of life. This involves interacting and collaborating with other members of the healthcare team (i.e. MD, RN, SLP, CM) to assess the patient’s needs and determine the overall plan of care.  
What’s been your favorite accomplishment so far in your internship experience?
So far, my favorite accomplishment has been orchestrating a family meeting on my own to conduct a nutrition education. I had a patient with learning disabilities, who was recently diagnosed as diabetic. My goal was to educate family and group home members on a diabetic diet because the patient was not in charge of his own meals. Overall, I felt every participant learned something from that meeting and most importantly, we all came together to support the patient.
Would you recommend the Sodexo internship program to your peers? If so, please share why.
The Sodexo Dietetic Internship program has been a wonderful experience for me, thus far. It has allowed me to explore all areas of nutrition, enhance my intrapersonal skills, and expand my professional network. What I love most about this internship is the flexibility and reassurance it provides me; my director and preceptors have been so encouraging and supportive during this process. They really push me to take every opportunity that presents itself to me. I would definitely recommend this internship to aspiring RDs! 

Nyatasha Jackowicz , Marketing Intern-Bryant University

Nyatasha Jackowicz  is a Senior and a Marketing and Social Media intern at Bryant University majoring in Marketing.Nyatasha Jackowicz Bryant U

Day to Day Responsibilities 

  • Social media engagement
  • Designing and creating content for marketing materials
  • Planning promotional events and covering them on social media


  • Creating Snapchat filters for the Bryant Dining Staff.  We were able to create a filter for a Thanksgiving themed meal and it turned out to be a huge hit. Snapchat allows its users to see the metrics post event and it was refreshing to see that it was well received by the students.
  • Completing my internship! Bryant Dining has given me one of my most rewarding internships to date. Upper management has helped me grow as a student and as a worker and I am very grateful for all of the opportunities I've been given in this position. I would definitely recommend this internship to my peers because of the supportive environment and the learning opportunities.

Stephen Rykola, Marketing Intern-Suffolk University

Stephan Rykola is a Marketing Intern at Suffolk University in Boston. He is Sophomore, majoring in Business Management and Entrepreneurship.Stephen Rykola Clark University

Day to Day Responsibilities 

  • Maintain social media accounts
  • Create advertisements for events on campus
  • Hold meetings with my boss to discuss plans on upcoming events and things to cover on social media
  • Attend Dining Dialogue's in residence hall cafeterias
  • Help work on Monthly Client Updates 
  • Plan special events (Greener Sodexo Trial)
  • Sustainability posts and advertisements
  • Advertisements on Instagram for vegan/vegetarian options both old and new such as the impossible burger 

Accomplishments and Lessons Learned

My favorite accomplishment so far at my internship has been the "Greener Sodexo Trial". Sustainability is a huge thing on Suffolk's Campus. We had completely removed plastic from the Smith Café Starbucks, replacing bottled beverages with canned beverages, replaced simply to go containers with paper alternatives, and had replaced Starbucks Iced Cups with the Starbucks Hot Cups. I had found that Blue Bottle Coffee Company had done this with their coffee cups, and it had worked extremely well. So I had called the idea of where I had gotten the paper cup idea the "blue bottle model". At the event I had conducted a survey which had said 96.6% of Suffolks students would prefer paper hot cups for their iced drinks over plastic, as you could use the sip lid in lieu of straws. The event had gone so well, that we are doing a second test run, this time aiming to get feedback from administration this time as well as students to see what the schools faculty and staff think of it. 

From my internship I have developed the following skills-

  • School/Life/Work balance
  • Time management
  • Communication and Presentation  
  • How marketing fits in to business success

Phoebe Smith, Sustainability Intern-Marist College

Phoebe Smith is a senior, sustainability intern at Marist College.

Area Of StudyPhoebe-Smith_Marist.jpg

Business Marketing and Environmental Policy


  • Helped Marist Dining to apply for and achieve 2-Star Green Restaurant Certification at North End Dining 
  • Successfully launched the "Clean Plate Club" campaign during Sustainability Week where guests received coupons for campus retail locations  
  • Re-launched a revamped Lean Path Food Waste program in Main Dining Hall which included training the dining management team on the benefits of the Lean Path system

Proudest Moments 

  • Seeing the usage of the Lean Path program grow to collect over 5,000 pounds of pre-consumer waste in 2019
  • Achieving 2-Star Green Restaurant Certification at North End Dining in 2019, with a goal in 2020 for 3-Star certification

Joseph Robinson, Marketing Intern-Winthrop University

Joseph Robinson is a integrated business communication and marketing major at Winthrop University.  Some of the things that Joseph feels are critical to success are:

  • Effective social media advertising involves a personal online presence.Joseph Robinson
  • By bridging the gap between social media and personal communication you build trust.
  • Look for those on social media that have a high engagement rate to identify "campus influencers" and connect with them to create relationships.
  • Look for commonalities, such as leading a Vegan lifestyle, to help get out targeted messaging through your influencers.

Elyse Rugee, Marketing Intern-Gonzaga University

Elyse Rugee, Marketing Intern at Gonzaga University, loves recognizing great customer service. She recently launched a new effort with her management team to recognize dining services employee's hard work and dedication. Below is a simple four step plan to recreate this awesome effort at any account-

Customer Experience Recognition Steps to Success Elysee Rugee Gonzaga

  • Send surveys to your managers with the purpose of recognizing employees
  • Interview your employees to find out their passions, length of service and what they like about their jobs, take pictures and create collateral with bios
  • Utilize social media to spread the word with hashtags for each employee so others could participate in giving thanks and appreciation
  • Continue the program monthly with the team
"The employees really appreciate being recognized every month, and it makes me feel good too", Elyse said, "we will continue to implement this every month going forward."

Larissa Ridgeway, Sustainability Intern-Gonzaga University

A Three-Question interview with Larissa Ridgeway; a Sustainability Intern at Gonzaga University.Larissa Ridgeway, Gonzaga Sustainability Intern

What are your main responsibilities?

"As a sustainability Intern, I help to promote sustainability and practices in dining services.  I have hosted events to educate students, worked closely with a variety of student groups that have a focus on environmental and sustainable practices, and worked on sustainable certifications for our dining locations on campus."  

What achievement, during your internship, are you most proud of?  

"The achievement I'm most proud of during my internship is the amount of events I was able to hold and the impact the events had on the campus community. One of the first events I hosted was a tabling event in our main dining hall to educate students about the Better Tomorrow 2025 initiative through an interactive experience. Students could stop by multiple tables to collect the materials to make their own terrarium; dirt, activated charcoal, rocks and a succulent on top!  The event was a huge success and so widely popular we ran out of succulents in 40 minutes!  We also host Greenhouse Yoga on Saturday mornings.  Conducted by a Spokane area Yoga instructor and held in the hydroponic greenhouse. The students who participated really enjoyed the unique location of the class."

What have you learned during your internship that you can apply to your future career?
"One of the most valuable things I learned during my internship came from participating in the Annual Management Performance Review.  My manager let me know that every year Sodexo employees participate in an annual review, though it was not required for interns. We then went through the same annual review process as all Sodexo employees.  The experience of going through the "practice" annual review with my manager was invaluable and has prepared me for any annual reviews in my future career."