From Campus Intern to Hired Employee

Name: Bianca Gilfour

Bianca GilfourI started working for Sodexo as a marketing intern at Nicholls State University in 2011. At the time, I was the only person on the marketing team, so I relied on Sodexo Net and the support of my District Marketing Manager to learn the ins and outs of the company and my role. After two years as an intern, I was offered the full time UMC position. After a few years as UMC, I began to take on additional responsibilities by supporting the marketing program at multiple universities. These duties included assisting with planning and graphics, opening new accounts, assisting with bidding and retention projects, training and developing other UMCs/marketing interns, and more. This eventually led to being promoted to Area Marketing Specialist. In my current role, I provide support to multiple accounts across South Louisiana as well as additional marketing support to my region. I am extremely appreciative of the resources Sodexo provides to support career growth and everyone I worked with over the years who helped me along the way!

Name: Hanna McMahon

Hanna McMahon

I started working for Sodexo in 2020 as a Communications Intern here at Framingham State University. I will never forget the day FSU Dining wanted me to take over this position. I was sitting at my work desk when my mentor came over to me. She asked about my plans after college. I said I was going to apply to different places and stay open as to what kind of marketing I want to pursue. She explained to me that she was leaving FSU, I was so upset because I thought my internship was ending. She looked at me and said your internship is over, because I want you to take over my job position. I was in complete shock but so excited that she saw so much potential in me. Here I am almost two years later as FSU’s Field Marketing Coordinator.

This internship not only taught me the basic roles of Marketing but showed me how Sodexo runs as a whole. I got a better perspective on the food industry to social media, food menus, graphic designing and everything in between! All the different projects I worked on in the campus internship program prepared me to take on this position with flying colors! The transition was easier than expected because of everything I learned in this program. I learned so much from this internship and I wouldn’t be where I am today in this position without it! I appreciate all the opportunities this program has gave me!

Name: Marlee Hebda

Marlee HebdaDuring my time being a Sodexo Intern I have been able to work independently on professional teams, and lead during my internship which has given me great experience for post-graduation in all genres. I have learned so much from my time at Sodexo as an intern by working hard, being creative, and receiving the mentoring that is crucial as I move forward in my career. I am ecstatic to begin my career with Sodexo at the Colorado School of Mines and utilize my degree with my passion for marketing, creativity, business, and leadership.