Gabrielly Bonafini

Marketing Manager| Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


In 2022, just after graduating, I set out to find a job that would not only improve my marketing skills but also help me grow personally. I met Marlene, my former marketing boss, among many interviews and meetings. Being a big food lover, always eager for new experiences, and a committed vegetarian for almost nine years, I quickly realized that I was not only a good fit for the job but also for the Sodexo team.

At the start, as a recent grad, I wasn't very confident in social situations, and I didn't have much experience with social media or engaging with students. But with time and the helpful advice of my colleagues, both those I see every day and those I only talk to online; I changed a lot. I got better at giving presentations, interacting with students and engaging with them, developing strategies to grow revenue, marketing strategies, organizing events, delegating, improving my photography skills by leaps and bounds, and efficiently handling social media platforms. 


I owe a lot of this progress to the amazing people on my team. They were patient, respectful, and always willing to mentor me, which helped me grow and improve. Recently, I had a chat with the head chef, and his feedback really struck me. He noticed how much I've changed—I'm more confident when I speak, people pay attention to me, and despite the daily challenges, I'm doing a great job.  This job taught me that the best way to grow is by being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am grateful for all the support and encouragement I've received from my colleagues at Sodexo, and of course, the time and effort I put in every day.

Wyatt Cannon

Marketing Manager| Southern Connecticut State University

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During my time at Marist I had a few friends who had participated in the internship. I was able to see all the fun activities, awesome work, and valuable experiences they were having. At the urging of one of the other student interns at the time, I applied. After going through the interview process and landing the job, I honestly did not know what to expect at first; I had never had an internship before that. Through my time as an intern, I was able to apply valuable concepts that I was learning in class to a real-life business. One such experience I remember was when I drafted a media release, sent I out to a few publications, and they ran the story. In class, I would only work in hypotheticals while this internship made the concepts from my textbooks tangible. Aside from learning a lot, a had a whole bunch of fun too. Some of my favorite projects were "It's Raining Bagels" and "Thrifty More" (Both of which I have linked for your viewing pleasure). 

 My transition from intern to marketing manager was relatively seamless. Although I didn't land this job until September, I knew that through my internship I had built connections and learned skills which would help me find, interview for, and land a job. That is what was so unique about this internship experience - I felt supported and cared for by my team at Marist in ways I wasn't seeing my other friends supported at their respective internships. I like my job today because I am back in my home state, with a company I have grown to love over the past few years, and am taking on much more responsibility than offered in just the internship alone. I can see myself continuing to grow in my career with Sodexo. The same support I felt as an intern is now amplified on a larger scale. The constant drive for personal learning and career development is a very inspiring culture we have created as a company.

 If I had advice for anyone considering the internship it is to apply even if the experience does not align perfectly with your major. Through this internship I learned that Marketing and Communications was a field of interest to me. I don't think I would have ended up in this field if it were not for the Sodexo Campus Internship Program.

Katelyn Whittenburg

Marketing Director | TCU Dining

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My name is Katelyn Whittenburg, and I did my college internship in marketing for Sodexo’s account at Tarleton State University. I interned there for 2 years and ultimately fell in love with the business. After college, I worked at another account in the K-12 line of business. I missed being in higher education and wanted to return, so when I saw that TCU was hiring a marketing director, I immediately applied! My internship at Tarleton State helped develop me into the role I am today. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities it has provided me in my career. 

Bernard Ssentongo

Field Marketing Specialist | Salem State University

Bernard s

From starting as an intern in marketing to eventually becoming a full-time marketing manager, the journey is filled with growth, learning, and opportunities. As an intern, I gained hands-on experience in various aspects of marketing, working alongside seasoned professionals and absorbing valuable insights. Through my dedication, hard work, and continuous pursuit of knowledge, I demonstrated my capabilities and contributed effectively to marketing campaigns and strategies. As time passed, I seized opportunities to take on more responsibilities, showcasing my creativity, analytical skills, and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. My commitment and passion for the field eventually led to the rewarding milestone of becoming a full-time marketing manager. Now, I am privileged to lead a team, shape marketing strategies, drive brand growth, and make impactful decisions that shape the organization’s success. The journey from intern to marketing manager has been transformative, allowing me to develop professionally and personally while fueling my passion for marketing and paving the way for a fulfilling career in this dynamic field.

Bianca Gilfour

District Marketing Specialist | South LA & Mississippi

Bianca G

I started working for Sodexo as a marketing intern at Nicholls State University in 2011. At the time, I was the only person on the marketing team, so I relied on Sodexo Net and the support of my District Marketing Manager to learn the ins and outs of the company and my role. After two years as an intern, I was offered the full-time UMC position. After a few years as a Unit Marketing Coordinator, I began to take on additional responsibilities by supporting the marketing program at multiple universities. These duties included assisting with planning and graphics, opening new accounts, bidding and retention projects, training and developing other UMCs/marketing interns, and more. This eventually led to my being promoted to Area Marketing Specialist. In my current role, I support multiple accounts across South Louisiana and provide additional marketing support to my region. I appreciate the resources Sodexo provides to support career growth and everyone I worked with over the years who helped me along the way!

Robert Williams

Director of Marketing | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Dining

Robert W

I began my internship with Sodexo during my Junior year at Nazareth University in Rochester, NY. I was the Assistant to the Construction Project Manager, which allowed me to have the privilege of being hands-on in the planning and execution of many of the large-scale construction projects on campus, such as the building of a state-of-the-art Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute. It was so fun to be on the construction sites watching our vision come to life during the summer and then seeing all my friends and classmates get to see the work we had done when they returned to school for the Fall semesters.

At that time, I was just a young kid with no fundamental ideas of what I wanted to do for a career other than being a professional athlete. Through my internship with Sodexo, I also met some amazing mentors from whom I learned many lessons that I continue to use daily in my career. I was exposed to many exciting new opportunities that I didn’t even know existed!

Hanna McMahon

Marketing Specialist | Framingham State University

Hannah M

I started working for Sodexo in 2020 as a Communications Intern at Framingham State University. I will never forget the day FSU Dining wanted me to take over this position. I was sitting at my work desk when my mentor approached me. She asked about my plans after college. I said I would apply to different places and stay open about what kind of marketing I want to pursue. She explained that she was leaving FSU; I was upset because I thought my internship was ending. She looked at me and said your internship is not over because I want you to take over my position. I was shocked but excited that she saw so much potential in me. Almost two years later, I am FSU’s Field Marketing Coordinator.


This internship taught me the fundamental roles of Marketing and showed me how Sodexo runs. I got a better perspective on the food industry through social media, menus, graphic designing, and everything else! All the different projects I worked on in the campus internship program prepared me to take on this position with flying colors! The transition was easier than expected because of everything I learned in this program. I learned so much from this internship, and I wouldn’t be where I am today in this position without it! I appreciate all the opportunities this program has given me!

Marlee Hebda

Field Marketing Specialist | Colorado School of Mines

Marlee H

During my time being a Sodexo Intern, I have been able to work independently on professional teams and lead during my internship, which has given me great experience for post-graduation in all genres. I have learned so much from my time at Sodexo as an intern by working hard, being creative, and receiving the mentoring that is crucial as I move forward in my career. I am ecstatic to begin my career with Sodexo at the Colorado School of Mines and utilize my degree with my passion for marketing, creativity, business, and leadership.