Ciara Blog

Hi everyone! My name is Ciara Curran, a Marketing Intern at Loyola Marymount University! While I at first applied to this internship so I could get an on campus job, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and has become one of the best experiences in college. Throughout the internship, I've learned how to plan events and hone in on my craft for content creation. I've grown so much as a creative throughout the past 2 years and have been able to work on amazing projects with companies like Cano and Just Egg! My favorite part of the internship: being able to build connections with the my boss, chefs, and cooks!

DanRae Cowan, Kentucky State University, Freshman 

"I chose this internship to better connect and serve my student body while also gaining valuable on-the-job training and connections. The best part of the internship is being a voice for the students. Fun fact I was born and raised in Kentucky and have yet to ride a horse."