About Campus Interns

Experiences that count!

The Campus internship program complements students’ classroom learning by providing hands-on experiences in various fields.

Campus Interns gain valuable skills in advertising, community relations, communications, promotions, and more.


We offer Marketing, Graphic Design, Sustainability, and Health & Wellness internship opportunities.



Interns get the chance to market, advertise and grow campus dining programs in new and innovative ways. Interns work alongside our experienced team of marketers to understand how tactics and campaigns impact our business. They get to see the results of their hard work through engagement and financial tracking.

Graphic design:

Graphic Design Interns work closely with our Campus graphics team. Students can build a great personal portfolio and access our graphic design resources.

Sustainability internship:

Sustainability Internships offer an environment where students can help to plan for the future of campus dining through sustainability initiatives they help deploy and communicate.

Health and wellness: 

The Health and Wellness Intern helps students, staff, and faculty understand their choices when they dine with us. By highlighting well-balanced menu selections and providing nutritional and food allergen information, interns will help guests make informed choices about what they eat and drink.


You’re not alone.

There is a whole support team behind the Campus Intern program. You get opportunities to learn, grow, and create when you join us as a Campus Intern.


Those include:

·        Monthly training calls

·        Contests

·        Industry expert panels (POP Sesh)

·        Professional support

·        Portfolio building

·        Access to Sodexo resources

·        Post Graduation opportunities, including referral to the Student Impact program.


Ready to Join us? To see current Internships available, click HERE. 


If you don't see your school listed or if you would like more information, contact campus.interns.usa@sodexo.com

Follow the Campus Intern Instagram to see what our interns are up to across the US @SoInternships.

Looking for a formal internship in your field in your Junior or Senior Year? Visit:

Sodexo Student Impact 

Paid internships are offered in the fall, spring, and summer across our 13,000 locations and limited hybrid and remote opportunities. 

Sodexo Student Impact interns come from numerous areas of study to support local hospitals, corporations, schools, senior living centers, universities, and our own internal operations.  We see value in many different majors, but some of our favorites include: 

  • Hospitality/Food Service Management
  • Healthcare Administration (non-clinical)
  • Facilities Management/Construction Science
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Culinary Arts/Food Science
  • Business Administration/Management
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Communications and Human Resources